• Nivel: CPE – STAGE 2
  • Requisitos: C2.1
  • Tipo: Cuatrimestral
  • Horas: 60 horas / 4 horas por semana
  • Créditos: 4 ECTS
  • Certificación: Level CPE – STAGE 2 Idiomas Complutense
  • Coordinador: Richard Griffiths

Course Outline

CPE – Stage 2 is a 60‐hr with 15 hours of complementary work to be done outside class, in which the 5 main language skills are consolidated and practised:

  1. Oral expression (speaking)
  2. Oral interaction (conversation)
  3. Listening comprehension
  4. Reading comprehension
  5. Writing


This course is aimed at people looking to take the CPE exam. To that end, students are prepared not only in the linguistic elements required to pass the exam but also in ‘exam technique’. Students will be prepared for all papers of the exam and have the opportunity to practise the speaking part of the exam. Advice will also be given on how to manage your time in all papers.

Course Content

  • Preparing the written exam
    • Present and past subjunctive
    • Unreal past
    • Reduced relative clauses
    • Non‐defining descriptive clauses
    • Sentence adverbials
    • Modifying and intensifying adjectives
    • Gradable and ungradable adjectives
    • Reporting verbs
    • Ways of rephrasing and summarising
    • Impersonal report structures
    • Empahatic phrase with ‘whether’, ‘however’, ‘whatever’, ‘no matter’
    • Clauses of time and reason
    • Clauses of result and concession
    • Infinitive or ‘ing’ form
  • Preparing the speaking exam
    • Giving opinions
    • Comparing and contrasting
    • Turn‐taking
    • Speculating
    • Suggesting
    • Asking for + justifying opinions
    • Agreeing / Disagreeing
    • Reaching a conclusion
  • Vocabulary
    • Describing places
    • The travel experience
    • Expressions with ‘place’ ‘purpose’ and ‘intent’
    • Architectural and design features
    • Words of ‘endurance’
    • Phrasal verbs with ‘set’
    • Proverbs
    • Verbs of movement
    • Adjective and adverb collocations
    • idioms
  • Writing
    • A discursive essay
    • A letter
    • A analytical essay
    • Analysing a model answer


Final mark = 60% continuous evaluation* + 40% final exam (compulsory)
*60% Continuous Evaluation (50% assessed tasks / homework + 10% participation)


The teacher will give details of the book*, materials and class blog on the first day of class.

*Idiomas Complutense recommends that students wait until the first class before buying any course material and then follow their teacher’s instructions.

This is to avoid confusion with different versions of the book. Idiomas Complutense is not responsible for costs incurred by students who buy an incorrect version.


Other information

We will help with the necessary information so that each student can take the exam on the most convenient date
and at the most convenient venue.