• Nivel: C1.2
  • Requisitos: 
    • Student has passed and certified Level C1.1 at Idiomas Complutense or another language centre in the past 2 years (IELTS, etc.)
    • Student has tested at Level C1.2 in recent placement testing at Idiomas Complutense
  • Tipo: Intensivo de verano
  • Horas: 20 per week
  • Créditos: 2 ECTS
  • Certificación: Level C1.2 Idiomas Complutense
  • Coordinador: Richard Griffiths, Amy Wallace


C1.2 is a 60-hr summer course (July) with 20-40 hours of tasks to be done outside class, in which the 5 main language skills are consolidated and practised:
(1) Oral expression (speaking)
(2) Oral interaction (conversation)
(3) Listening comprehension
(4) Reading comprehension
(5) Writing
Grammar review and vocabulary acquisition are also an important part of the course. Regular attendance and the active participation for the full duration of the course are necessary to achieve full competence at this advanced level.


  • To consolidate and use a wide range of grammatical forms with flexibility
  • To consolidate and use a wide range of appropriate vocabulary to express opinions on both familiar and abstract topics.
  • To be able to speak coherently and in detail when engaging in conversation.
  • To be able to understand gist and follow detailed meaning when listening to both native and non-native speakers.
  • To learn the strategies for reading challenging texts: to understand a text’s purpose and to appreciate emphasis.
  • To produce writing that maintains an appropriate purpose in relation to the assignment and the audience and which begins to communicate in accurate, effective and appropriate prose.
  • To begin to be able to use pronunciation, stress and intonation effectively and to convey and enhance meaning.


The course will include the following:

Topics and Functions
-Taking part in a meeting.
-Having ‘difficult’ conversations.
-Discussing alternatives (health and safety)
-Talking about financial decisions
-Reviewing a project
-Talking about ‘visions of the future’
-Talking about stress
-Understanding risk
-Dealing with awkward situations

Grammatical Areas
-The continuous aspect
-Cause and result
-Intensifying adverbs
-Passive reporting verbs -1
-Passive reporting verbs -2
-Subordinate clauses
-Future in the past

Lexical Areas
-Expressions with ‘mind’
-Teams and Teamwork
-Idioms related to parts of the body
-Risk and probability
-Expressions with ‘look’ and ‘see’
-Optimism and Pessimism

-Neutral language
-Linking devicess
-Reporting verbs
-Using qualifiers
-Persuasive language
-Impersonal language


The teacher will give details of the book, materials and class blog in the first days of class.


Final mark = 60% continuous evaluation + 40% final exam (compulsory)

40% final exam (90 mins): which contains
1 reading comprehension exercise
1 or 2 listening comprehension exercises
Use of English section (lexical, grammatical, functional)
1 timed writing exercise
1 speaking exercise: (15mins done in pairs – modelled on CAE – general questions, individual turn, pair discussion, questions for both)

60% Continuous Evaluation which contains
5% – progress test 1 (45-60mins) (one listening comprehension + one timed writing exercise)
5% – progress test 2 (45-60 mins) (one listening comprehension + one timed
writing exercise)
10% – oral project (assessed individually although student may be in a group)
10% – participation in class
30% – assessed tasks and homework: which may include

-Written tasks
-Pre-prepared tasks
-Work from the ‘platform’

Las fechas de inicio y fin de los cursos intensivos están pendientes de confirmación